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Boredom Alert! The info below is only for those lost souls who cling to ancient days because somehow the present and/or future just isn't exciting enough for them. I'm not one of those people, it goes without saying.

I know there may be some misguided soul out there who longs for the OLD days of yore, or something like that, and you may have been hunting for all your old friends. Until now I've ignored you and have stayed discreetly invisible on the Internet. That doesn't mean I haven't been active on it though. My several alias have been busy little bees. But never mind that. This is for you, because, dammit, if you actually remembered my name or where I lived or went to school or whatever, or just MUST find everyone who went to your high school (which sucked, btw) and were determined enough to hunt me down like this, then ... well here's your google fodder.

Name: Mike Robertson (Michael G. Robertson)
Born: Kansas City Missouri, 1945
Brother: John Anthony Robertson (Yukon, OK)
Sister: Patricia Ann (deceased and well missed)
Father: Zane Gregory Robertson (also long gone, prostate cancer)
Mother: Henry Doy (nee Cedars, Yukon OK) Mother and father originaly from Louisana, which may account for the spelling of her first name.
Raised at: Lake Lotawana Missouri (a pit, but fun and the Peyton Place of mid-MO)
High School: Lee's Summit Senior High (same as Pat Matheney), grad 1963
Favorite sport: Sailboat racing, even though I haven't done it for most of my life now (sniff)
College: University of Missouri ('63-'65, pre-med and radio); Rockford College (Rockford Ill, '70-'72, English Lit and Creative Writing); Sangamon State University (Springfield, Ill, 20th Century Homesteading and BA in Humanistic Environmental Design, '73-'75)
Military: U.S. Navy, ('66-'69, Hospital Corps, San Diego, Waukegan, Guam)
Hobbies: Musician. Bassist for over 30 years now. Favor improvised "beginner's mind" creativity over composed music. Favorite genres include ambient electronica; psy-trance; most euro-futuristic pop; almost anything new and fresh created by local talent; Eno. Futurism. Exploring challenging ideas and novel approaches to living and thriving.
Current residence: As of February, 2010, 11505 S. Easley River Road, Columbia MO 65203. I live ten feet from the raging Missouri River.
Current occupation: Retired computer professional, working on at least one novel and several short stories, and occasionally composing something like Intelligent Dance Music. Also learning about Transition Networking as the world runs out of oil and heats up.
Married to: Denise Bowmaker ('78-'95); we're divorced but remain great friends. She currently is homesteading on her land north of Columbia, Missouri and beginning to succeed in getting off the grid. Mother of our two beautiful daughters.
First Married to: Carla Robinson. A brilliant biochemist when we were together ('68-'75). A beautiful woman who I lost track of when my first daughter was born.
Children: Alicia Isdes (wife of Michael and mother of our two granddaughters, Lilly and Ella); Joni Zillig (wife of Jared)

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