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My house as of January 2009.

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My family and I lived in this tiny river town from '84 to '88. The people were so supportive and friendly and the place was a garden paradise for us and our kids. I loved it so much I wanted to retire there. Now I'm doing just that.

Chili Fest 2008.

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Annual river party and music festival. We lived here from '84 to '88. Denise and Joni and Alicia and I. Joni was about 3 when we moved here.

Flood of Sept. 2008.

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The river missed flooding Cooper's Landing Bait Shop by less then six inches.

Where I lived in 2008

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My apartment was only feet from the Muddy Missouri River between Rocheport and Jefferson City, Missouri

Two weeks in Oahu.

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Joni and Jared's wedding was by far the most beautiful one I've ever seen. Denise and I camped on a north shore beach. I'll replace fuzzy cell phone photos with crisper ones when available.

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